The Artist

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F or a young man who dreamed of creating sumptuous and elegant, yet spontaneous and whimsical jewels that derive their inspiration from earth’s flora and fauna, Nicholas Varney had a most fortunate childhood.

Born into a family with a sophisticated taste in design, traveling all over the world as a child and educated in fine schools in New York, Newport and Florida, he spent his free time collecting shells and snorkeling in the azure waters of the Caribbean, antiquing and exploring museums in London, fishing in Ireland, growing vegetables and flowers in Millbrook, NY and bicycling across Europe and Russia with a back pack.

After completing his education at the Gemological Institute of America in Vicenza, Italy, Varney opened a design studio in New York. There every surface quickly became covered in shells, bark, coral and other interesting objects found in nature, intermingled with sparking diamonds, rubies, emerald, ropes of pearls, precious beads and gold. Out of this come the elegant, whimsical jewels Nicholas Varney dreamed of creating.


F or Nicholas Varney, jewelry is the most expressive ornament women can wear. It is a lasting statement of a woman’s taste and lifestyle. The greatest expression of herself.

Nicholas Varney creates his pieces to suit the needs, and charm the imagination of the world’s most elegant and active women. Each piece is crafted by the finest hands in the world with attention to style and quality. Jewelry that is both timely and timeless. There is nothing average about Nicholas Varney’s creations. They are statements of the good life. A lifestyle both elegant and feminine, yet sophisticate and sensual, where each stone is carefully chosen to be the finest of its kind.

Though evolving, the many pieces that constitute this diverse collection share an emphasis on nature as a theme and promise as a message. Pearls set in stem-like pave implies the impending beauty of springtime blooms and faceted spinels echo the buds that initiate winter's thaw. Much of the inspiration for his collections is artistic perspective that reference line and movement in conjunction with a childlike exuberance for color. Bright red rubies set against lavender Abalone pearls and pink gold with rough, white diamonds, and purple sapphires in pave sample a palate with little restraint. Materials often contradict creating what has been described as a brilliant re-phrasing of the traditional concept of fine jewelry. The concept of conflict and juxtaposition is the essence of Nicholas Varney. Taking what is familiar and rearranging what is expected. Putting into jewelry, the concept of conflict.